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Visual Quality Manual - Jan 2007

Handout for the Visual Quality Open House that is being held Thursday, January 18th - (PDF)

News Release - Visual Quality Open House Scheduled Jan. 18 - Jan 9, 2007

A draft Visual Quality Manual (VQM) was distributed to the stakeholders for comments in December 2005. Comments are currently being resolved and a final VQM is anticipated in December 2006. A final Open House is anticipated in January 2007

Following the Visual Quality Open Houses, held in September 2005, the St. Croix Visual Quality Review Committee (VQRC) and Project Team (Wisconsin DOT, Minnesota DOT and Consultant Team) have enthusiastically chosen the "Organic" architectural bridge concept for further development. This concept successfully balances engineering and functional criteria of cost, maintenance and construction means with visual, aesthetic and architectural project criteria. Of the three concepts presented at the mid-September Open Houses, the public also preferred this concept. Working with the VQRC, the Project Team will continue to move forward with further architectural and engineering refinement of the "Organic" concept.

Visual Quality Planning Process
May 25, 05 195 kb PDF Draft Photo Comments - 54 kb PDF
June 15, 05 87 kb PDF
Aug 2, 05 94 kb PDF
Aug 23, 05 99 kb PDF
Sept 14, 05 28 kb PDF
Sept 14-15, 05 Newsletter - 1,205 kb PDF
Powerpoint Presentation - 1,869 kb PDF
Open House News Release -153 kb PDF
Oct 5, 05
Oct 26, 05
Nov 16, 05   Visual Quality Manual
Jan 18, 2007
Final Open House

Visual Quality Planning Process and Manual RFP
 News Release -10/29/2004, For Seeking Consultant Services
 Visual Quality Planning Process and Manual RFP
 Request for Proposals ( 308 kb PDF)
 Exhibit A ( 97 kb PDF)
 Addendum ( 18 kb PDF)
 Questions and Answers ( 31 kb PDF)
 Visual Quality Planning Process Timeline ( 142 kb PDF)
 Pre-Proposal Information Meeting Presentation ( 6,750 kb PDF)