About This Presentation

This presentation was designed using standard Internet Site building tools. Since it takes advantage of techniques using JavaScripting, it should be displayed on the most current Browser Software available. Internet Explorer 4.0 or Netscape 3.0, or higher, are recommended.

Errors and Other Messages

Why Do the images display as Missing Picture Icons?
Some errors are caused with older (16-bit versions of Netscape for Win95) versions of the Netscape 3.0 browsers. 16-bit versions will not correctly read the long file name scheme employed. Updating to the most current version of Netscape or Internet Explorer is a solution. Both are available on the Internet for download free-of-charge.

Other errors can be caused by older versions of CD ROM Drivers. Again, some Win95 devices used a 16-bit driver, which does not support long file names. Updating these drivers is the solution.

The Slide show buttons will not advance the Show to the Next Frame
Some of the errors can be corrected by making sure that JavaScript support in the host browser is turned on. While Internet Explorer 3.0 supports JavaScript, it does not support a critical element. This CD ROM was tested with Internet Explorer 4.0 and Netscape 4.0 on Win95 and Macintosh.

Some errors are caused by clicking on the "next" or "back" button to rapidly. The slide show must serve a large image from the CD ROM, and rapid clicks will sometimes appear to do nothing. Slow down (about one click per second works perfectly).

What is a Run-Time Error?
Run time errors are caused by the JavaScript that drives most of this presentation not working properly. Some (we hope not any) may be caused by programmer error. Others can be generated by low-memory conditions on the host browser. One solution is to close all unnecessary windows and restart the presentation.

  Symbols Used

Slide Show Controls
Part of this presentation involves a computer driven slide show, a sequence of pictures floating up or down the St. Croix River. At the bottom, buttons in the footer will control the slide show. The Next and Back Buttons will move the show forward or backward one slide. Start will reload the slide show from the beginning. End displays the last image.

Click on the St. Croix River Crossing Header to return to the Welcome Screen.