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Stillwater Lift Bridge

Highway 8 Corridor Website

Wisconsin 35/64 Area Projects

Stillwater Lift Bridge

The Lift Bridge Management Plan is a key stipulation in the 2006 Amended Section 106 Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for the St. Croix River Crossing Project (Stipulation III). And the Lift Bridge is one of 24 bridges identified by Mn/DOT for long-term preservation as part of Mn/DOT’s statewide June 2006 Historic Bridges Management Plan.

To implement these, Mn/DOT’s Bridge Office, Cultural Resources Unit, a consultant team and Stillwater Lift Bridge Advisory Committee has completed a condition assessment and a bridge operations and maintenance manual for the historic Stillwater Lift Bridge and it’s concourse. An approved Operations and Maintenance Manual was also used to develop the Stillwater Lift Bridge Management Plan.

The Stillwater Lift Bridge Management Plan describes how the Stillwater Lift Bridge is to be managed during its interim vehicular use and after its conversion to pedestrian/bicycle use. It will also establish the priorities for a repair project in order to allow the Stillwater Lift Bridge to function with the proposed Loop Trail.

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Highway 8 Corridor

The ultimate goal of the Highway 8 study was to find ways to relieve congestion and improve safety and travel time on Hwy 8. Mn/DOT would like this corridor to function satisfactorily as an Interregional Corridor (IRC), the purpose of which is to enhance the economic vitality of the state by providing safe, timely and efficient movement of goods and people. Currently, Hwy 8 experiences a number of factors that keep average speeds below IRC performance targets, and speeds are projected to get even lower in future years. Several factors provide justification for long-term corridor improvements, including safety, congestion, regional access, population growth and environmental sensitivity.

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Wisconsin 35/64 Project

WIS 64 is a major east-west travel corridor in St. Croix County. It joins WIS 35 near Somerset to serve interstate, interregional and local traffic between Houlton, Somerset and New Richmond.

Conversion of WIS 35/64 to a four-lane, divided highway began in August 2002. The new highway will run from 150th Avenue, east of Houlton, to 145th Street, east of New Richmond. It will run south of Somerset and north of New Richmond.

Interchanges will provide direct access to the highway at County V, 38th Street, WIS 35 and 110th Street. Overpass structures will be located at 150th Avenue, County I and County K. An overpass will also be built for the Wisconsin Central Railroad.

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