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This site is background information on the development of the project

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Concept Design and Associated Services for the Proposed New St. Croix River Crossing
Items Supplied by State

2006 Supplemental Final Environmental Impact Statement for the St. Croix River Crossing Project

St. Croix River Crossing Project - Visual Quality Manual (January 2007)

2006 - SFEIS Preferred Alternative Animations

Water Resources Preliminary Design Report dated January 2006

Draft Design Memorandum with Design Exceptions, July 2006 (427k pdf)

Mn/DOT Staff-approved Geometric Layout (4,007k pdf)

Contact Monty Hamri, 651/234-7631, (Monty.Hamri@dot.state.mn.us) or Joey Lundquist, 651/234-7648, (Joey.Lundquist@dot.state.mn.us), for disclaimer release form and Microstation and Geopak files of Mn/DOT's staff approved layout.

Mn/DOT’s Preliminary Subsurface Investigation and Foundation Evaluation dated August 4, 2006 (20,000k PDF)

Analysis of Load Tests for Foundation for TH 36 Bridge over St. Croix River, dated January, 1996 (5,000k pdf) and Addendum, dated March 11, 1996 (107k PDF)

Constructability Memo from TY Lin International, dated October 17, 2005 (44k pdf)

Maintenance Review by Modjeski and Masters, dated September 9, 2005 (36k pdf)

International Survey Report of Extradosed Bridges by TY Lin International, dated June, 2005 (18,000k pdf)

St. Croix River Bridge – 3D Analysis Report by Modjeski and Masters, dated April 18, 2006 (477k pdf)