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Minneapolis, Brooklyn Center

Traffic impacts

Watch the I-94 Project Construction video to learn more about what is to come this year.

Hennepin Lyndale project location map
I-94 Minneapolis and Brooklyn Center project location map
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Watch for temporary, off-peak lane closures throughout the project area.

Note: The State Patrol will be enforcing the 60 mph speed limit throughout the workzone. Please drive with care for your safety and the safety of the work crews.

Now open

  • The ramp from Hennepin Ave/Lyndale Ave. to EB I-94

Lane closures

Note: Expect Lane shifts and restrictions on EB I-94 and WB I-94 between Shingle Creek Pkwy and Nicollet Ave. in Mpls through the end of 2017

April 4 through fall
  • WB I-94 has two lanes closed from Hwy 55 to 49th Ave.
April 3 through fall
  • The left lane of WB I-94 is closed from Hwy 55 in Minneapolis to Broadway Ave.
  • EB I-94 is reduced to two lanes from 53rd St. to Dowling Ave.
Mar. 27 through fall
  • EB I-94 is reduced by one to two lanes from I-694 in Brooklyn Center to Seventh St. in Minneapolis
Mar. 20 through late-June
  • EB I-94 is reduced to two lanes between I-694/I-94 split and Hwy 252

Ramp closures

Mon, April 24 through Wed, April 26; 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. nightly
  • SB Hwy 252 ramp to SB Hwy 100, both directions of I-694 and WB I-94 will be closed

    EB I-94 to 53rd St. then WB I-94 to EB I-694 to East River Rd then to WB I-94 to Hwy 100

Mon, April 24 through Wed, May 3
  • WB I-94 to Hennepin/Lyndale Avenues will be closed

    11th St. to Hennepin Ave.

Mon, April 24 through Mon, May 8
  • WB I-94 to SB Lyndale Ave. will be closed

    11th St. to Hennepin Ave.

  • 4th Ave. to WB I-94

    11th St. to Hennepin Ave.

Wed, April 19 through mid-May
  • 3rd St. to WB I-94 will be reduced to one lane
April 11 through Tue, April 25
  • Shingle Creek Pkwy to EB I-94/I-694 and EB I-94/I-694 to Shingle Creek Pkwy is closed

    EB I-94/I-694 to Shingle Creek Pkwy Detour:
    Continue EB to East River Rd exit; use loop around to WB I-94/I-694 and exit to Shingle Creek Pkwy from WB I-94/I-694

    Shingle Creek Pkwy to EB I-94/I-694 Detour: Take Shingle Creek Pkwy entrance ramp to WB I-94/I-694; exit at Brooklyn Blvd and use EB I-94/I-694 entrance ramp. See detour map.

April 10 through Mon, April 24
  • EB I-94 to EB I-694 and Hwy 252 is closed
April 1 through July
  • 49th Ave. to EB I-94  is closed

    49th Ave. to Bryant Ave. to 45th Ave. then Lyndale Ave. to Dowling St. exit. See detour Map.

Sidewalk and path closures

April 5 to Fri, April 28
  • The sidewalk and Loring Greenway bicycle path near the Hennepin and Lyndale ramp to eastbound I-94 is closed at Ridgewood Ave. and reopened at Groveland Ave.

    Ridgewood Ave. to Pillsbury Ave. S to Groveland Ave.


Road closures

Mon, May 8 through mid-July
  • SB Hwy 252 to EB I-94 will be closed for bridge work

    WB I-94/I-694 to SB Hwy 100 to EB I-394. See detour map.

Lane closures

10 p.m. Fri, May 5 until 5 a.m. Mon, May 8
  • SB Hwy 252 will be reduced to a single lane between I-694 to I-94

Ramp closures

Mon, May 1 through Mon, May 15
  • Shingle Creek Pkwy to WB I-94/I-694 and WB I-94/I-694 to Shingle Creek Pkwy will be closed

    Shingle Creek Pkwy to WB I-94/I-694 Detour:
    Continue on WB I-94/I-694 and exit at Brooklyn Blvd, take SB Brooklyn Blvd to EB I-94/I-694 on ramp and exit at Shingle Creek Pkwy

    WB I-94/I-694 to Shingle Creek Pkwy Detour: Take Shingle Creek Pkwy/69th Ave. to SB Brooklyn Blvd to WB I-94/I-694 entrance ramp

    See detour map


For details on detour routes, you can view the I-94 project detour map.

Bridge and Tunnel work

  • Short-term and long-term bridge
  • One side of the Lowry Hill Tunnel will be closed from May to August
  • During tunnel repair the following ramps will be closed:
    • EB I-94 to SB I-35W
    • EB I-394 to EB I-94 closed during EB I-94 tunnel repair
    • EB Hwy 55 to EB I-94
    • The WB I-94 ramp from NB I-35W
      • Detour: WB Hwy 62 to NB Hwy 100
    • The EB I-394 ramp to EB I-94 closed during eastbound work on Lowry Tunnel
      • Detour: SB Hwy 100 to EB Hwy 62 to NB I-35W
  • Some parking under freeway bridges will be restricted during repairs
Truck traffic
  • All trucks weighing more than 9,000 pounds will be prohibited from the Lowry Hill Tunnel during project work

Road closures

  • SB Hwy 252 will be closed for up to three months at the I-94 bridge in Brooklyn Center
    • SB Hwy 252 access to EB I-94 and WB I-694 ramp to EB I-94 closed concurrently
      • Detour: Hwy 100 to I-394

Lane Closures

  • The interstate will be reduced to two lanes both directions from May to August
  • One side of I-94 will be closed for four weekends in August

Ramp closures

  • Short-term closures of Shingle Creek Pkwy ramps to/from I-94/I-694
    • Note: Only two of four ramps will close at a time for a week at a time
      • Detours: Brooklyn Blvd ramps or East River Rd ramps

About this project

Summary of work

Work on I-94 will include:

  • Resurfacing about nine miles of pavement on I-94 between Nicollet Ave. in Minneapolis and Shingle Creek Prkwy in Brooklyn Center
  • Repairing 50 bridges on or over I-94
  • Reconstructing westbound I-94 bridge deck over Hwy 252 in Brooklyn Center
  • Repairing tile in (I-94) Lowry and Portland Avenue tunnels
  • Replacing guardrail
  • Improving drainage and concrete barrier in areas
  • Replace all entrance and exit ramps

I-94 Road Construction Video

Watch this video to learn more about the work on I-94