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Minneapolis, Brooklyn Center

Traffic impacts

Watch the I-94 Project Construction video to learn more about what is to come this year.

Hennepin Lyndale project location map
I-94 Minneapolis and Brooklyn Center project location map
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Watch for temporary, off-peak lane closures throughout the project area.

Note: The State Patrol will be enforcing the 60 mph speed limit throughout the workzone. Please drive with care for your safety and the safety of the work crews.

Speed limits will be reduced to 50 mph while crews are working one lane from traffic.

Now open

  • The ramp Shingle Creek Pkwy to WB I-94/I-694 and WB I-94/I-694 to Shingle Creek Pkwy

Road closures

May 8 through mid-July
  • SB Hwy 252 to EB I-94 will be closed for bridge work

    Detour: WB I-94/I-694 to SB Hwy 100 to EB I-394. See detour map (PDF).

Lane closures

Note: Expect Lane shifts and restrictions on EB I-94 and WB I-94 between Shingle Creek Pkwy and Nicollet Ave. in Mpls through the end of 2017.

Lowry Tunnel and Portland Ave. Tunnel work will include lane closures. Watch for these lane closures overnight.

May 8 through Mon, June 12
  • WB I-94 to WB I-394 will be reduced to a single lane. The I-394 HOV Reversible Lane will be used for all motorists traveling from WB I-94 to WB I-394 or to Hwy 100.

    Note: The WB I-394 HOV lane does not have access to Xenia or Penn Avenues. From WB I-94, take 11th St. to 3rd St. to enter the general purpose lanes of I-394. This will have exits to Xenia and Penn Avenues.

    MnPASS customers will not be charged a fee to use the WB I-394 Reversible Lane during this time as the lanes will be open to all WB I-94 to WB I-394 traffic.

  • Mpls traffic to WB I-394 will use the WB I-394 general purpose lanes. During this time, the I-394 Reversible Lanes will be closed to EB I-394 and Hwy 100 to EB I-94 or to downtown Mpls traffic. All EB I-394 and Hwy 100 traffic will be on the general purpose lanes.
April 4 through fall
  • WB I-94 has two lanes closed from Hwy 55 to Hwy 252
  • Shoulder closed between 42nd and 49th Avenues and Broadway Ave.
April 3 through fall
  • WB I-94 is reduced to two lanes from I-394
  • The left lane of WB I-94 is closed from Hwy 55 in Minneapolis to Broadway Ave.
  • EB I-94 is reduced to two lanes from Hwy 252 to Hwy 55
Mar. 20 through late-June
  • EB I-94 is reduced to two lanes between I-694/I-94 split and Hwy 252. Traffic shifted to outside shoulder at Shingle Creek Bridge

Ramp closures

Mon, May 22 through Mon, May 29
  • Dowling Ave. to WB I-94 closed
May 17 through Fri, May 26
  • WB I-94 to Dowling Ave. will be closed

    WB I-94 to 49th Ave N to WB 49th Ave N to SB Bryant Ave to EB 45th Ave N to
    Lyndale Ave N back to Dowling Ave N. See detour map.

May 10 through Sat, May 20
  • Third St ramp to WB I-94 is closed

    Detour: 2nd Ave N to NB Washington Ave to I-94 entrance ramp at 22nd Ave N. See detour map (PDF).
May 8 to mid-July
  • WB I-694 to EB I-94 is closed
May 8 through Sat, June 24
  • EB I-94 to WB I-394 is closed

    EB I-94 to SB I-35W to WB Hwy 62 to NB Hwy 100 to WB I-394. See detour map (PDF).

May 8 through Mon, June 12
  • Lyndale Ave. to WB I-394 is closed

    NB Lyndale Ave. to WB Hwy 55 to SB Hwy 100 to WB I-394. See detour map (PDF).

April 10 through late-May
  • EB I-94 to EB I-694 and Hwy 252 is closed
April 1 through July
  • 49th Ave. to EB I-94  is closed

    49th Ave. to Bryant Ave. to 45th Ave. then Lyndale Ave. to Dowling St. exit. See detour map (PDF).


For details on detour routes, you can view the I-94 project detour map (PDF).

Bridge and Tunnel work

  • Short-term and long-term bridge
  • One side of the Lowry Hill Tunnel will be closed from late-June to September
  • During tunnel repair the following ramps will be closed:
    • EB I-94 to SB I-35W
    • EB I-394 to EB I-94 closed during EB I-94 tunnel repair
    • EB Hwy 55 to EB I-94
    • The WB I-94 ramp from NB I-35W
      • Detour: WB Hwy 62 to NB Hwy 100
    • The EB I-394 ramp to EB I-94 closed during eastbound work on Lowry Tunnel
      • Detour: SB Hwy 100 to EB Hwy 62 to NB I-35W
  • Some parking under freeway bridges will be restricted during repairs
Truck traffic
  • All trucks weighing more than 9,000 pounds will be prohibited from the Lowry Hill Tunnel during project work

Lane Closures

  • One side of I-94 will be closed for four weekends in August

About this project

Summary of work

Work on I-94 will include:

  • Resurfacing about nine miles of pavement on I-94 between Nicollet Ave. in Minneapolis and Shingle Creek Prkwy in Brooklyn Center
  • Repairing 50 bridges on or over I-94
  • Reconstructing westbound I-94 bridge deck over Hwy 252 in Brooklyn Center
  • Repairing tile in (I-94) Lowry and Portland Avenue tunnels
  • Replacing guardrail
  • Improving drainage and concrete barrier in areas
  • Replace all entrance and exit ramps

I-94 Road Construction Video

Watch this video to learn more about the work on I-94