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Noise barriers

As part of this project, MnDOT analyzed potential areas along the corridor to determine whether or not a noise barrier was reasonable (based on criteria that includes the amount of noise that would be reduced, as well as the cost per benefitted receptor of installing a barrier). One area was found to meet the criteria standards, on the north side of I-494 between Penn Avenue and Xerxes Avenue. A noise barrier was currently proposed for this location and a meeting with residents in this area was held for public input. Residents who were considered benefitted receptors of the proposed wall were able to vote on whether or not to include it.

The results of the voting are: 

  • Yes:  24.6%
  • No:  52.6%
  • Responded:  77.2%
  • Did not respond:  22.8%

 Over 50 percent of residents voted that they did not want the wall, therefore it will not be included as part of the project.

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