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Traffic impacts

I-494 Plymouth project map
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In addition to the traffic impacts listed below the I-94 project in Maple Grove and the Hwy 12 project in Wayzata may affect your drive.

Currently through fall 2015

  • I-494 between I-94/694 and Hwy 55 will have three lanes of traffic; two lanes in one direction and one lane in the opposite direction through fall 2015.
    • During A.M. peak hours there will be two lanes of traffic going southbound and one lane going northbound.
    • During P.M. peak hours there will be two lanes of traffic going northbound and one lane going southbound.
  • I-494 between Hwy 55 and I-394 will have two lanes of traffic in each direction through fall 2015.
  • Ramp closures:
    • Carlson Parkway to southbound I-494 closed.
      Detour: Carlson Parkway, eastbound I-394, and I-494.
    • Carlson Parkway to northbound I-494 closed.
      Detour: Xenium/ Plymouth Road, County Road 6, I-394, and northbound I-494.
    • Westbound I-394 to southbound I-494 closed.
      Detour: westbound I-394, Carlson Parkway, eastbound I-394 and southbound I-494.
    • Southbound I-494 to westbound Hwy 12 closed.
      Detour: southbound I-494, Hwy 7, northbound I-494 and westbound Hwy 12.
    • Southbound I-494 to Carlson Parkway closed.
      Detour: southbound I-494, eastbound I-394, northbound Plymouth Road, and Carlson Parkway.
  • County Road 47 between Yucca Lane and Teakwood Lane will be closed through late May 2015. Crews will demolish and reconstruct southbound I-494 over County Road 47.

    Westbound County Road 47 detour: northbound Northwest Boulevard and westbound Bass Lake Road and southbound County Road 101/Brockton Lane.

    Eastbound County Road 47 detour: northbound County Road 101/Brockton Lane and eastbound Bass Lake Road and southbound Northwest Boulevard.

    View detour map (PDF, 1 page, 1.03 MB)

About this project

Summary of work

  • Repair and reconstruct the concrete pavement on I-494 between I-394 and the I-94/494/694 interchange (Fish Lake Interchange).
  • Maintenance repairs on I-494 ramps
    • Ramps to and from I-94 and I-694
    • East Fish Lake Road
    • Bass Lake Road
    • Rockford Road
    • Hwy 55
    • County Road 6
    • Carlson Parkway
    • Cheshire lane
  • Replace bridges spanning I-494
    • County Road 47
    • Schmidt Lake Road
    • Canadian Pacific Railway
  • Install a third lane between Hwy 55 and East Fish Lake Road
  • Construct storm water ponds and noise barriers.

Project schedule

  • August 2013: Geometric layout
  • January 2014: Environmental documentation
  • February 2014: Final plans and specifications
  • June 2014: Project letting for temporary widening of bridges
  • July 2014 - November 2016: Project construction

Average daily traffic

  • 95,000 vehicles (2005)
  • 132,800 vehicles (2030 estimate if project occurs)


  • $86 million