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Roseville, Blaine

We want your input!

Those in this project area that will have a noise reduction of at least five decibels or more will be able to vote for or against the noise wall that provides the noise reduction. Learn more about how your vote counts and how noise walls will impact your area by watching this video. Tallies of the votes for each wall are coming in and updated each Friday.

About this Project

Map of I-94 project area in St. Paul
Click map for larger PDF version.

MnDOT is designing a road project that includes adding a lane, in each direction, to I-35W between Hwy 36 in Roseville and Lexington Ave. (Co Rd 17) in Blaine. MnDOT is also analyzing the need and locations for building noise walls along the interstate.

MnDOT's goal is to design a project that:

  • Reduces congestion and improves safety on the highway
  • Increases the number of people that are moved along the highway during peak hours
  • Provides reliable travel times for commuters during peak hours
  • Optimizes and reuses existing roads and bridges (without needing to acquire homes and properties)

To learn why a construction project is necessary in this location and options for improvement that have been considered, visit the background page.