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I-35W North Corridor Study Environmental Assessment

Findings of Facts and Conclusions (FOF&C)

Because MnDOT has determined that this project does not have the potential for significant environmental impacts, an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is not required. The Negative Declaration Order and the Findings of Facts and Conclusions (FOF&C) (signed Sept. 26, 2017) concludes the Minnesota State environmental review process.

FOF&C Appendices (PDFs)*

Environmental Assessment

MnDOT has issued an EA for public review and comment during the period from Aug. 29 to Sept. 28, 2016. Public hearing/open house meetings will be held to review and comment on the EA on Sept. 13 and Sept. 14.

EA Appendices (PDFs)*

*If you would like to view the complete EA document or FOF&C, appendices included, in an alternate format contact Bobbie Dahlke at bobbie.dahlke@state.mn.us.

Environmental Review Process

Federal and state laws require an environmental review of the project. As part of the environmental review process MnDOT will prepare an Environmental Assessment which analyzes project design options, identifies project impacts and describes measures to reduce impacts. The three designs that are being studied include:

  1. Constructing a General Purpose (GP) lane – this lane is open to all vehicles at all times.
  2. Constructing a High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane – this lane is only for buses, carpools with two or more people, and motorcycles.
  3. Constructing a MnPASS Express Lane – This lane is restricted to buses, carpools and motorcycles during peak hours. Solo motorists with a MnPASS transponder and current account, may use the lane for a fee. The lane would be open to all vehicles and buses during non-peak hours.

Technical Documents

  • Project Layout Map: A graphical (engineering) depiction of MnPASS project for this area.

*If you require an alternate format of this map, please contact Bobbie Dahlke at bobbie.dahlke@state.mn.us.

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