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I-35W / Fourth Street ramp construction



This project is a collaborative effort of Hennepin County, the City of Minneapolis and the Minnesota Department of Transportation. The purpose of the project is to relieve congestion on Washington Avenue, improve access to northbound I-35W from downtown Minneapolis, reduce the traffic that diverts through Northeast Minneapolis to access northbound I-35W, and to improve access to northbound I-35W. This project also proposes the possibility of erecting noise walls in southeast and northeast Minneapolis along the I-35W corridor.

Summary of work

  • Build a new ramp from 4th Street South to northbound I-35W
  • Construct an auxiliary lane from University Avenue to the Johnson Street exit
  • Reconfigure Johnson Street exit to serve Johnson Street, New Brighton Boulevard and Stinson Boulevard


  • $13 million Connect with us through Twitter Connect with us through YouTube Connect with us through Facebook (state and local taxes)
  • $16 million if noise walls are approved (state and local taxes)