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Highway 8 Corridor Study

Between Forest Lake and Chisago City

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Technical Advisory Committee, Task Force and other meeting summaries

TAC Meeting – December 18, 2008
The first meeting of the TAC introduced the group to the project. A draft public involvement plan and a draft purpose and need statement were provided for TAC review and input.


TAC Meeting – February 19, 2009
This meeting was a working session and information exchange among the project team, TAC representatives and staff from affected communities to help the project team understand issues in the corridor.


TAC Meeting – March 19, 2009
This meeting presented the two-tiered screening process and draft evaluation criteria that would be applied to screen the broad range of alternatives under consideration. A preliminary concept layout was presented to the TAC.


TAC Meeting – April 16, 2009
The group was provided with an update on the progress to date including conducting traffic counts and forecasting traffic. Two preliminary concept layouts were presented to the TAC.


TAC Meeting – May 21, 2009
The group discussed the results of the first tier screening of alternatives. It was recommended that the 2-lane, 3-lane, and 5-lane concepts be eliminated because these concepts would not meet existing and future capacity or the purpose and need for the project. The group also discussed the format for the upcoming public open houses on June 8 and 10 and the draft project newsletter that will introduce the study to the public.


TAC Meeting – June 18, 2009
The TAC was debriefed on the June public open houses. The TAC was informed that approximately 80 people attended the open houses and 15 comments sheet were received during the meeting, with a few additional comments submitted to MnDOT after the meeting. The TAC discussed engineering issues and access at certain locations along the corridor.


TAC Meeting – July 16, 2009
The TAC was asked to review the draft open house summary and responses to comment document prior to posting on the project web site. The TAC was also provided an update on the wetland delineation field work where MnDOT sent letters to property owners to request cooperation with access to private property.


Chisago City Planning Commission Meeting – August 6, 2009
Representatives from MnDOT attended the planning commission meeting to present the concepts that were developed during the alternatives evaluation process and to respond to members’ comments. Comments received were related to the city’s comprehensive plan and future access and intersections. Some discussion took place regarding Karmel Avenue.


Wyoming Planning Commission Meeting – August 11, 2009
Representatives from MnDOT attended the planning commission meeting to present the concepts that were developed during the alternatives evaluation process and to respond to members’ comments. Comments received were related to access changes near Greenway, potential traffic impacts on adjacent roadways, and public notification of future public meetings.


TH 8 Task Force Meeting – August 17, 2009
Representatives from MnDOT attended the task force meeting to present the concepts that were developed during the alternatives evaluation process and to respond to members’ comments. There were about 40 people at the TH 8 Task Presentation. The Task Force questioned potential noise impact and it was stated that monitoring has been conducted as part of the study and noise walls will be considered.


TAC Meeting – August 20, 2009
During this meeting, TAC members reported on the presentations to the Chisago City and Wyoming Planning Commissions and the TH 8 Task Force. The purpose of attending these meetings was to present the three roadway concepts that have been prepared and respond to members’ comments. The TAC also discussed the box culvert between Big and Little Comfort Lakes. MnDOT indicated the project scope will look at what is needed hydraulically for the roadway project, unless the communities want to expand the opening. The City of Wyoming indicated that the city does not have resources to support an expanded opening.


TAC Meeting – October 15, 2009
The TAC discussed the second tier screening criteria where the objective of this more detailed screening process is to assist in differentiating potential impacts among concepts. Site specific engineering issues were also discussed.


TAC Meeting – June 19, 2012
After several months of preparing environmental technical studies, the TAC was reconvened to discuss the results of these studies and the second tier screening process. The TAC was also apprised that the project falls under an umbrella of uncertainty with regard to funding, so with no foreseeable funding for the proposed project, it unlikely that the project would be advanced through the normal funding process. During this meeting, MnDOT provided an overview of MnDOT’s Corridor Investment Management Strategy (CIMS) initiative. It was explained that CIMS would be more economical and feasible shorter term improvements that could be applied to the TH 8 corridor.


Corridor Cities Meeting – July 26, 2012
The intent of this meeting was to obtain input from the corridor cities of Wyoming and Chisago City with regard to how the cities want to bring this study to closure and how the communities want to move forward. It was explained that during the course of this study, there have been policy changes, and these changes affect this corridor because of the uncertainty of funding for the proposed project. The city representatives indicated that they thought it would be desirable to narrow the alternatives down to a preferred alternative; however, they wanted to seek input from their respective city councils regarding the alternatives under consideration.


Chisago City Council Presentation – October 9, 2012
Representatives from MnDOT and their consultant provided a project update to the Chisago City Council. The council had questions related to access control and how the proposed project would affect existing and new businesses.


TAC Meeting – November 30, 2012
The purpose of this meeting was for the corridor cities to report what action their respective councils took in regard to the alternatives under consideration. Both city representatives reported that their councils adopted or selected the four-lane alternative known as “Alternative 5.” Therefore, with consensus among the cities of Wyoming and Chisago City and Chisago County, Alternative 5 will be advanced through the environmental document, which will follow the State environmental review process and a public open house will be held during the comment period. It was discussed that the next step for the cities would be to start incorporating the proposed four-lane roadway concept into the cities’ comprehensive plans, so that the communities will have a footprint to guide future development. Similarly, Chisago County will list the four-lane roadway concept in its comprehensive plan and transportation plan.