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Hwy 52/County Road 66 intersection

Vermillion Township (just north of Hampton)

About this project

Hwy 52/Co Rd 66 intersection map
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In 2014 a new Reduced Conflict Intersection (RCI)- will replace the existing basic Hwy 52/County Road 66 intersection. RCI intersections have been proven to increase safety while maintaining all movements at an intersection. Even the most dangerous movement – crossing all four lanes of high-speed traffic – can still be made by using the U-turn lanes.

Summary of work

  • Improves safety by eliminating the most dangerous movements – crossing all four lanes of high-speed traffic, and turning left across oncoming traffic
  • Maintains full access at the Hwy 52/County Road 66 intersection
  • Replace the dangerous through-movements across four lanes of high-speed roadway with U-turn lanes that are easy to navigate and cause minimal time delays, especially for long commercial trucks
  • Accommodate multiple vehicles and provide a safe area for motorists to wait for an adequate gap before crossing two lanes of fast moving traffic by providing left lanes


  • $900,000