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Hwy 47 and BNSF Railroad Crossing Study


About this study

Hwy 47 and BNSF RR Crossing Study location
Hwy 47 and BNSF RR Crossing Study location map
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Proposed Hwy 47 (Ferry St.)/BNSF Railway overpass

MnDOT studied current safety issues at the Hwy 47 (Ferry St.)/BNSF Railroad crossing in Anoka. A separation between Ferry St. and the BNSF Railway would improve safety for motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists and trains, and improve regional mobility and emergency responder time.

Study goals

  • MnDOT studied the benefits and impacts of two main alternatives: a bridge over the railroad tracks or a tunnel beneath the railroad tracks
  • The study determined a recommended alternative and identified costs. If a feasible alternative is identified, MnDOT can begin to pursue funding sources to design and construct a new separated railroad crossing at Hwy 47/Ferry St.

Project schedule

Winter 2016/2017

  • Preliminary Design begins

December 2016

Traffic impacts

MnDOT has identified several key impacts in the area including the location of the Rum River, nearby businesses and the school district building. MnDOT is also aware of the need to maintain rail service during project construction.