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Hwy 36 / Hilton Trail

Pine springs, Lake Elmo, Grant

Traffic impacts

Lane/ramp closures


  • Ramp from Hilton Trail to westbound Hwy 36 is closed throughout the summer.
  • Access to Viking Drive from eastbound Hwy 36 is closed throughout the summer for safety reasons.


  • Access to eastbound Hwy 36: Westbound Hwy 36, eastbound I-694 and eastbound Hwy 36.
  • Access to westbound Hwy 36: 60th Street North/Frontage Road, DeMontreville Trail, back to westbound Highway 36.
  • Access to Viking Drive:
    • Westbound Hwy 36: Continue on Hwy 36 westbound to I-694 loops to Hwy 36 eastbound to the newly constructed connecting road to Viking Drive.
    • Eastbound Highway 36: Take newly constructed connecting road from eastbound Hwy 36 to Viking Drive.

About this project

This project will improve safety and traffic flow on Hwy 36, Hilton Trail, Highlands Trail and Demontreville Trail while reducing the amount of through traffic cutting through residential areas. It is the result of a corridor study that established a long-term plan for traffic improvements on Hwy 36 east of I-694. Visit our documents page for additional project maps.

Summary of work

  • Reconstruct the existing at-grade signalized intersection to be a grade-separated diamond interchange
  • Connect the frontage road on the north side of Hwy 36 over the Gateway Trail


  • $13.8 million Connect with us through Twitter Connect with us through YouTube Connect with us through Facebook