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Hwy 316 Improvement Project


Project complete

Hwy 316 project location map

Hwy 316 project location map
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About the project

The pavement on Hwy 316 from the north junction of Hwy 61 to Michael Ave. outlived its useful life and was replaced in 2021.

MnDOT also studied other corridor improvements that were implemented at the same time to help with safety and traffic flow for drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

Summary of work

  • Completed: Curb and median adjustments at the Spiral Blvd. and 31st St. intersections to improve traffic flow
  • Completed: Pavement markings, particularly for areas in the northern portion of the corridor
  • Completed: Miscellaneous items for the contractor to complete before final acceptance of the project
  • Completed: Constructed three roundabouts on Hwy 316 at Spiral Blvd., Tiffany Dr. and Tuttle Dr.
  • Completed: Installed center median on Hwy 316 to restrict certain movements at both public and private intersections
  • Completed: Added designated facilities for pedestrians and bicyclists on both the east and west side of Hwy 316
  • Completed: Added striped pedestrian crossings at specific locations along Hwy 316
  • Completed: Updated signing and lighting throughout the reconstruction area