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Sidewalk relocation

Certain sections of sidewalk within the project area are being relocated to avoid future property easements or acquisitions for repair and maintenance

An easement grants MnDOT the legal right to use private property. MnDOT typically needs to pay residents and private property owners for this right to work on their property. Those properties with sidewalks close to private property lines—within six inches—are being relocated to avoid future easements or acquisitions of property. MnDOT typically prefers two feet from property lines to maintain and repair sidewalks. If sidewalks are not relocated, there are two scenarios that would require more coordination, easements and/or permanent acquisitions.

Each property can be unique. Generally, those residents where existing sidewalks exceed six inches from property lines may not be relocated due to future easements, maintenance or repair needs.

A sidewalk may still be reconstructed if in poor condition or does not meet ADA standards. Relocating the sidewalk will support sidewalk usability and consistency with the overall system of sidewalks. Only replacing or relocating portions of sidewalks may create issues with “weaving” and/or inconsistencies in sidewalk quality that can complicate future sidewalk management (maintenance, repair, and reconstruction). Tree root damage is generally anticipated from sidewalk relocation and reconstruction due to limited space in the boulevard.

MnDOT is planning a public meeting in February 2018 where project concerns—including tree removals—can be addressed in advance of resurfacing work on Smith Ave. and Dodd Rd./Hwy 149 as well as Annapolis St. Detailed information with regard to the open house will be posted and shared as soon as it is finalized.