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Proactive ash tree removal

Several ash trees along Smith Ave. and Dodd Rd. are proactively being removed as part of the project.

The Twin Cities will lose all its public ash trees due to emerald ash borer, leaving holes in the urban forest canopy that will take decades to fill. The enormity of the infestation has left many Twin Cities communities in crisis. Leaving infested trees standing poses a risk to public safety because the trees become brittle and can fall during high winds or storms. Even if trees still look healthy, they can be infected. In addition to added costs, attempting to use pesticides could harm bees and other insects in the ecosystem.

Depending on the location of the project and the scope of work involved, there may be specifications, special provisions or other state agency regulations tied to a specific project to help control the spread of these insects or diseases. MnDOT is using this opportunity to support city efforts in removing ash trees with state construction budget.

Please note that property owners will not be assessed for the removal of ash trees.