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101/61 Southwest Reconnection Project

Shakopee, Chanhassen

Project status

Hwy 100 and Bass Lake Rd project map
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Carver County is leading and managing the project delivery and design effort with assistance from MnDOT. This section of Hwy 101 will be transferred to the county’s jurisdiction prior to construction. MnDOT is providing services and funding to the project including Bridge Design, Contract Administration and Oversight, and other engineering services as needed. Services and responsibilities for both parties and the jurisdictional transfer framework for Hwy 101 are outlined in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Carver County and MnDOT.

The scope of the project includes construction of an approximate four-lane, 4100-foot long bridge over the floodplain north of the Minnesota River channel, bike trail, a roundabout at the “Y”, and additional improvements along County Hwy 61. The bridge and roundabout will be constructed to allow Hwy 101 traffic across the floodplain during construction.

Road and bridge design are underway. Most of the environmental studies have been complete, and the Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW) is available online. Cost estimates are being continually refined as additional design and soils investigations are completed.

About this project

Summary of work

  • Construct new bridge across the floodplain north of the Minnesota River channel to raise the roadway out of the 100-year flood elevation
  • Reconstruct the Hwy 101/Hwy 61 “Y” intersection as a roundabout, and make additional improvements along  Hwy 61
  • Reduce the frequency and duration of road closures caused by seasonal flooding of the Minnesota River Valley
  • Minimize regional and local transportation disruptions that occur when other area river crossings must be closed due to seasonal flooding
  • Minimize long-term maintenance and repair costs
  • Add a multiuse trail that will connect regional trails, a roundabout at the "wye" and additional improvements along County Road 61


  • $34 million (Hwy 101)
  • $20 million (Co Hwy 61)
  • Total = $54 million

*Cost estimate based a four -lane bridge structure over the Minnesota River floodplain (MnDOT portion). The Carver County portion is based on a roundabout centered in the existing “Y” at the north end of the project and includes additional improvements on Flying Cloud Drive & Hwy 101 to the north. Construction costs only reported.

Funding sources

MnDOT flood Mitigation Program ($20M, LRIP, CTB, Scott and Carver Counties)

Adjacent project

Hennepin County is currently developing a project to reconstruct Flying Cloud Drive (County Rd 61) from Hwy 101 to Charlson Road. For additional information, visit the Hennepin County project site for details.