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I-35E Corridor Projects

Downtown St. Paul (I-94) to Little Canada (I-694)

Project complete

Map of I-35E project map
Map of I-35E Project Area
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About this project

This project involved three project areas. Learn more about each project, including summary of work and cost:

There were also trail improvements and landscaping work.

Trail improvements

The I-35E/Cayuga Project will extend the Gateway Trail from Cayuga St. to University Ave. and add sidewalks and trails to Pennsylvania Ave. and Cayuga St.


I-35E from University Ave. to Little Canada Rd underwent aesthetic landscaping improvements.

A majority of the work was along the highway side of the noise walls with some plantings happening in key areas on the residential side:

  • Planting various types of trees, shrubs and perennials  
  • Reseeding native grasses
  • Restoring pollen-rich wildflowers