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I-35E Corridor Projects

Downtown St. Paul (I-94) to Little Canada (I-694)

Traffic impacts

Map of I-35E project map
Map of I-35E Corridor

Sept. 3, 8 p.m. to 5 a.m.

  • Cayuga Street will be closed under I-35E, for removal of the old I-35E bridge over the road.

Detour: Use Phalen Boulevard/Pennsylvania Avenue and Jackson Street. View map (PDF)

Tuesday, Sept. 8, 5 p.m. through late September

  • County Road B under I-35E will be closed for reconstruction.

Detour: Rice Street, Roselawn Avenue and Edgerton Street. View map (PDF)

Sept. 9 & 10, 7 p.m. to 6 a.m.

  • The ramp from southbound I-35E to westbound Hwy 36 will be closed overnight for resurfacing and guardrail installation.

Detour: Use the other loops at the I-35E/Hwy 36 interchange to access westbound Hwy 36.


  • I-35E from downtown St. Paul to Little Canada is open, but there are many closures in the area. View detour maps
  • The right lane of southbound I-35E will split from the other two lanes at the Maryland Avenue bridge around the bridge pier, due to the traffic shift south of the bridge. Please note area signage when approaching this location.

Intermittent Overnight Lane Closures


  • Intermittent overnight lane closures will occur as needed on westbound I-94, I-35E and Hwy 36 for miscellaneous project activities.
  • Lane closures on westbound I-94 at I-35E and on I-35E between I-94 and Maryland Avenue will occur between 7 p.m. and 5 a.m. (if two lanes need to be closed, those restrictions will begin after 10 p.m.).
  • During the Minnesota State Fair, lane closures on both directions of I-35E between Maryland Avenue and Little Canada Road will begin after midnight. Lane closures on westbound Hwy 36 at I-35E will begin after 10 p.m., and lane closures on eastbound Hwy 36 at I-35E will begin after 1 a.m. The lane restrictions will end at the normal times, before morning rush hours.

Ramp closures

Closed until mid-September
  • Westbound I-94 ramp to 12th Street is closed until early or mid-September.

Detour: northbound I-35E to eastbound/southbound Cayuga Street to westbound Phalen Boulevard to southbound Olive Street to westbound University Avenue to 12th Street

Closed until November:
  • Cayuga Street ramp to northbound I-35E closed.  

Detour: westbound Cayuga Street to northbound Jackson Street to westbound Maryland Avenue to northbound I-35E. View detour (PDF)

  • Southbound I-35E ramp to eastbound I-94/ southbound Hwy 52 closed.

Detour: Southbound I-35E to eastbound Hwy 36 to southbound I-694 to eastbound I-94. Continue southbound on I-694 to southbound I-494 to access Hwy 52.

View map (PDF)

  • The Maryland Avenue ramp to southbound I-35E closed.

Detour: use northbound Rice Street or Edgerton Street to Larpenteur Avenue to southbound I-35E.

View detour map (PDF)

Closed until late 2015
  • Southbound I-35E to University Avenue is closed for area reconstruction. A temporary ramp from southbound I-35E to 12th Street is open for access to the Regions Hospital Area.
  • University Avenue to westbound I-94
Closed permanently
  • All I-35E ramps at Phalen Boulevard/Pennsylvania Avenue are permanently closed. A new, full interchange at Cayuga Street will be open by summer 2016.

Full closures

  • L’Orient Street closed between University Avenue and Arch Street.

    Detour for westbound University Avenue traffic: Use northbound Jackson Street and eastbound Pennsylvania Avenue to L’Orient Street. 

    Eastbound University Avenue traffic: Use northbound Olive Street and westbound Phalen Boulevard to L’Orient Street.
  • Northbound L’Orient Street closed between Arlington Avenue and Wheelock Parkway for noise wall and ramp construction until mid-summer 2015.

    Detour: Use westbound Arlington Avenue, northbound Jackson Street and eastbound Wheelock Parkway to access southbound L’Orient Street.

Lane closures

  • Both directions of Phalen Boulevard/Pennsylvania Avenueare reduced to a single lane at I-35E unltil late 2015 for bridge and street reconstruction.