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Hwy 169 Study

Blakely Township through Shakopee

About this study

Hwy 169 project map
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Hwy 169 between Hwy 69/Old Brick Yard Road and Hwy 19/280th Street West in Blakely Township is being studied to identify options for access changes. The access changes identified will help to improve safety on the highway.

The study will ultimately result in an access management plan. The plan will serve as guidance to where future access changes are desired and where access has potential to change. This information is useful for MnDOT and the county, and cities, townships, landowners and developers.

The access management plan will take into consideration growth of the local community, the need for a supporting road network, the existing safety problems, and current plans for the area and past studies.

The improvements suggested by the study should help to:

  • Improve mobility
  • Increase safety
  • Improve access
  • Accommodate trucks

Since there is a significant lack of funding for highway expansion, this study will emphasize lower cost improvements that manage congestion on Hwy 169, rather than eliminate it.

Who is involved in this study?

MnDOT is working in cooperation with the Metropolitan Council, Scott County, Jordan, Sand Creek Township, Louisville Township, Jackson Township, Shakopee, St. Lawrence Township, Belle Plaine, Belle Plaine Township and Blakely Township.