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Oct. 30, 2012



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Motorists reminded not to stop on or block railroad tracks

(ROSEVILLE, Minn.) – Recent observations that drivers have stopped on railroad tracks have prompted MnDOT to issue a reminder always to use caution and observe the law when crossing railroad tracks.


"A freight train moving at 50 mph may need more than a mile to stop,” said Steve Misgen, MnDOT’s Metro District Traffic Engineer. “Once train engineers see a vehicle or pedestrian in a crossing or on the tracks their only recourse is to apply the emergency brakes; however, it’s often too late for them to stop in time. “Never stop your car on railroad tracks, and always keep your car behind the white lines when approaching an intersection at railroad tracks.”


Through Nov.15, enhanced law enforcement will take place at the Highway 47/Ferry Street rail crossing. This intersection has been identified as having recurring congestion that causes traffic to back up and stop on these active railroad tracks.

Motorists are further reminded to stop their vehicle when crossing gates are down or when lights are flashing, wait for the crossing gates to rise and lights to stop flashing, look both ways, listen and proceed with caution.

Stopping on or within 10 feet of a railroad crossing is a petty misdemeanor and is punishable by fine.

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