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March 3, 2011




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Plan in place to provide enhanced Hwy 169 flood detour

Temporary measures would ease congestion and increase capacity if prolonged south metro flooding occurs


ROSEVILLE, Minn. – In a proactive step to help ease congestion and improve mobility in the event that flooding forces the prolonged closure of Hwy 101 and Highway 41, plans are in place to accommodate a greater volume of Hwy 169 traffic between Shakopee and I-494.

The plan temporarily restripes both directions of Hwy 169 in order to add one lane between approximately County Road 18 in Shakopee and Pioneer Trail Bloomington. The roadway would be returned to its existing condition once the river crossings at Hwy 101 and Highway 41 are re-opened.

Other measures that are being investigated include temporary signal modifications to accommodate increased traffic at three locations near I-494.

“While we’re not 100 percent positive that this plan will take effect,” said Scott McBride, District Engineer for the Metropolitan District, “this is a proactive approach we’ve strongly considered. Whether or not we’ll have to implement it remains to be seen, based on projections from the National Weather Service.”

If put into action, portions of the plan would entail:


Further details about enhancements to Hwy 169 will be made available during the next several days as more data about flood severity becomes available.






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