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Road Construction

Materials and Road Research

Developing and Implementing Innovations in Materials and Pavements
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Research Hot Topics



Find out what's new at MnROAD - a world class pavement test facility.


Pavement Preservation

Find out what's new with Research and Implementation of Pavement Preservation.


Warm Mix Asphalt

Learn about our recent experiences with WMA at MnROAD and throughout Minnesota.


Innovative Diamond Grind

Updates on the quiet concrete pavement at MnROAD.


Traffic Sign Retroreflectivity

Updates on the development of expected sign life for local agencies.


Research Briefs

Our researchers generate short summaries designed to offer insight into the research being performed. They offer a variety of topics and give a succinct overview.


Research Briefs

Active Research Projects

The following list are funded research projects in progress being conducted by the Mn/DOT Materials and Road Research Group. Active MnROAD projects can be seen here.


Project Title Researcher
Structural Evaluation of Asphalt Pavements with full-depth Reclaimed Base Shongtao Dai
HMA Surface Characteristics Maureen Jensen
Traffic Sign Life Expectancy Matt Lebens
Optimal Timing of Preventive Maintenance for Addressing Environmental Aging in HMA Pavements Tom Wood
Performance monitoring of Olmsted CR 117 Matt Lebens
Use of waste shingles for stabilization or dust control on gravel roads and shoulders Tom Wood
Investigation and Assessment of Colored Concrete Pavements Ally Akkari
Rational Design Method for Unbonded Concrete Overlays Tom Burnham
Research "test section" tracking Melissa Cole
Tack Coat Testing - Measuring Field Bond Strength Melissa Cole
Whitetopping Design Tom Burnham
Cost-Effective Base Type and Thickness for Long Life Concrete Pavements Erol Tutumluer
Quantifying Moisture Effects in DCP and LWD Tests Using Unsaturated Mechanics Kimberly Hill
Implementation of Geosynthetics During Pavement Design & Construction
John Siekmeier