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Intelligent Compaction

Research and Development of Intelligent Compaction Technologies
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Intelligent Soil Compaction: Technology, Results and a Roadmap toward Widespread Use, TRB 2006 (4.2MB pdf)


Intelligent Compaction
Mn/DOT Demonstrations 2005
(7.2MB pdf)


Intelligent Compaction TH 64 Open House, July 2006 (6.2MB pdf)


3D Visualization of Intelligent Compaction Data (46.7MB pdf)



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John Siekmeier, Road Research


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What is Intelligent Compaction (IC)

Intelligent compaction equipment measures and records the quality of compaction during the compaction process. The compactor’s force changes in real time to increase compaction where needed, while preventing over compaction. The equipment uses a global positioning system to create a map that shows the quality of compaction across the entire surface of each lift.

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