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Concrete Over Asphalt Diagram

Concrete Overlay Design

Rehabilitation of Existing Pavements
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About Concrete Overlays


Concrete overlays can be divided into three types of rehabilitation projects:


  1. Concrete Overlay of Concrete (Unbonded Overlay)
  2. Concrete Overlay of Bituminous (Whitetopping)
  3. Concrete Overlay of Composite (Bituminous Over Concrete)


Bonded Overlays are used to extend the life of pavements that are not severely damaged. The procedure requires the existing pavement surface to be prepared in a way that promotes good bonding.


Unbonded Overlays are used to rehabilitate pavements with moderate to severe damage. They include a bond-breaker to prevent cracks from reflecting through the overlay. The bond-breaker may consist of a thin bituminous layer between concrete layers, a geotextile, or other material that prevents bonding.


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Materials Manuals

Mn/DOT Resources

MnDOT Whitetopping Design (Excel 532 KB)

updated Noverber 9, 2011


Whitetopping Design Procedure (PDF 185 KB, 10 pp)

updated March 28, 2012


Unbonded Overlay (UBOL) Design (Excel 250 KB)

updated February 27, 2012


MnDOT Pavement Design Manual Appendix D:

Unbonded Concrete Overlay Design (PDF 330 KB, 17 pp)

updated June 21, 2010


Guide to Concrete Overlays (PDF 16 MB, 86pp)

National Concrete Pavement Technology Center