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Mn/DOT Office of Materials Foundations Unit

Mailstop 645
1400 Gervais Avenue
Maplewood, MN  55109


What do we do?

The Foundations Unit is responsible for providing subsurface investigations and geotechnical recommendations for transportation structures including bridges, retaining walls, large culverts, buildings, tower structures, light bases, high embankments and embankments over soft soils.

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Foundations Engineer

Gary Person 651-366-5598


Asst. Foundations Engineer

Derrick Dasenbrock 651-366-5597


Asst. Foundations Engineer

Richard Lamb 651-366-5595


Research Analyst

Rassaki Radji 651-366-5480


Lab Technician

Dave Borys 651-366-5594


Field Operations Supervisor

Dean Brady 651-366-5447


Crew Supervisor

Mike Novotny 651-366-5447

Jeff Hasselquist 651-366-5447

Kevin Wassen 651-366-5447

Dale Zerwas 651-366-5447

Pat O'Donnell 651-366-5447

Chief Engineering Geologist

Chuck Howe 651-366-5448


Geotechnologies Engineer

Blake Nelson 651-366-5599



Jason Richter 651-366-5453

Joe Hudak 651-366-5582

Beth Lauzon 651-366-5499


Aggregate Resources

Randy Tilseth 651-366-5451