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Schedule of Price Reductions

The Schedule of Price Reductions for Failing Materials for Concrete Construction has been issued to address failing materials that are not covered in the MnDOT Standard Specifications for Construction. In addition, please review the Examples Applying the Schedule of Price Reductions if you have questions.


Concrete Special Provisions

There are several special provisions that may need to be inserted into your project.


Special Provisions are available from the MnDOT Office of Technical Support. Please read the notes that are included with the special provisions to determine which files are needed.


Cold Weather Protection

Cold Weather Protection Guidelines are a summary of recommendations for protecting the concrete in cold weather conditions.


Operation of MIT SCAN T2 Device

Guide to using the MIT SCAN T2 Device for Locating Reinforcement Bars and Dowel Bar Baskets.

MnDOT Concrete Manual (9/12/2003)

This Manual is prepared to familiarize Engineering Personnel, Contractors, and Consultants with the fundamentals, principles, and better practices of concrete construction so that the best possible concrete pavements and structures, consistent with job specifications, are obtained.


The Manual has been revised and brought up-to-date to conform to the 2000 Edition of the MnDOT Standard Specifications for Construction.


Table of Contents

Chapter 0 - General

Chapter 1 - Concrete Materials and Testing

Chapter 2 - Properties and Mix Designation

Chapter 3 - Mix Design

Chapter 4 - Batching and Mixing

Chapter 5 - Concrete Tests

Chapter 6 - Placement Operations

Chapter 7 - Reports and Worksheets

Chapter 8 - Special Types of Concrete

Chapter 9 - Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation