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Gravel Pit and Rock Quarry Aggregate Source Information

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Aggregate Source Information System Map

ASIS Interactive Map (click here)


If you have problems viewing data please see Frequently Asked Questions. Instructions on using the map interface are available by clicking on the Help button on the top menu bar of the interactive map.


Additonal Information

  • The Aggregate Sources layer consists of two main categories: 1) Mn/DOT owned pits, and 2) those owned by others that may, or may not, be leased by Mn/DOT. There is also an "All Aggregate Sources" folder that contains all pits regardless of owner or status.
  • Unavailable sources are most likely not available for further mining.
  • Identifying or selecting aggregate sources returns an Excel spreadsheet as shown below.
  • If the source number in the leftmost column is blue, a pitsheet (Adobe pdf) can be viewed by clicking on the source number.
  • The Excel spreadsheet can be saved to your computer.

Example Excel spreadsheet

Example Excel spreadsheet

  • The Report Tab, in the Table of Contents Frame, allows you to search for aggregate source data by entering Aggregate Source Number, District, County, or Section-Township-Range. The resulting report is an Excel spreadsheet as shown above. The Report only searches the Active Select Layer.