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Advanced Materials & Technology (AMT)

Special Provisions

Advanced Materials and Technology

Special Provisions

Intelligent Compaction (IC) Method

A process that uses rollers, equipped with a measurement documentation system, that automatically records compaction parameters (real-time) during the compaction process.

Paver Mounted Thermal Profile (PMTP) Method

A process that uses infrared temperature measurement technology to measure a longitudinal thermal profile across the pavement width directly behind the paver.

Machine Guided Excavation (3D-PMS)

A process that uses RTK-GPS or machine control total stationing to create a 3D surface model for the bottom of an excavated surface.

  • 2013 Survey Equipment—3D Production Monitoring System (3D-PMS) for excavation (04/21/2015)

Digital Test Rolling (currently piloting)

A process that uses loaded trucks equipped with lasers to automatically record rutting on embankment materials (subgrade, subbase and base applications). This system is another option to the standard test roller.

2015 Pilot Projects

Please contact us if you are interested in piloting this technology on one of your projects.