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Interactive BaseMap
View, save and print statewide maps including all public roads in Minnesota.
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Interactive BaseMap
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The BaseMap is a planning level set of data developed at a scale of 1:24000.

This site also includes links to extensive data descriptions (metadata) to support our users. All of these resources are provided free of charge and accordingly, are not warranted for any specific use. We do, however, strive to produce accurate data and would appreciate any comments that you may have. We hope that you find the site useful!

Due to scheduled maintenance, this service will not be available on Sundays from 12am to 6am. We're sorry for any inconvenience.

We welcome your feedback on this Web site. Please send us an email at: gisinfo.dot@state.mn.us

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The map below allows you to make an initial selection of where you would like to view data in more detail. Once in the BaseMap viewer position your mouse over the tools below to learn their function.

Using the Tools:
Depending on which BaseMap data set you choose you will have a basic set of tools and sometimes a more advanced set of tools. These tool sets can be opened or removed entirely.

Basic ToolboxBasic Toolbox
Which includes zoom in and out, zoom to full extent of the state, pan, and information identification.

Advanced - Measurement ToolboxAdvanced Toolbox

Markup ToolboxMarkup Toolbox

Selection ToolboxSelection Toolbox

Getting Started

Use this map to get you started on your way to browsing Mn/DOT online data. Many layers are scale dependent and will not appear until the map is zoomed in far enough.

Sample Map

Sample of Traffic Volume Data

Sample Legend

Sample Metadata

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Web Browser Requirements:
Internet Explorer 6.x and higher is recommended for best results when using this Web site but Firefox, Safari and Netscape will work.

Viewing the Site :
This site is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1024 * 768 or higher with colors set to thousands or higher.

Pop-up blocking will need to either be disabled or have this site be allowed to use pop-ups in order for you to print any maps. See the next information section below.

Pop-up Blocking:
Pop-up blocking will need to be disabled in order for you to use all features available on this Web site. You can also add this site to your list of sites where pop ups are allowed. In Internet Explorer, go to tools, Pop-up Blocker Settings and add gisservices.dot.state.mn.us. Click add and close. In Firefox go under tools, options Web Features and add gisservices.dot.state.mn.us as an allowed site.

Available Layers Include:

  • Roads
  • Railroads
  • Airport Runways
  • Navigable Waters
  • State Boundary
  • County Boundaries
  • Municipal Boundaries
  • Mn/DOT Districts
  • Civil Boundaries
  • Township Boundaries
  • State Forests
  • State Parks
  • Military Reservations
  • Indian Reservation Lands
  • National Forests
  • National Parks
  • Streams
  • Lakes

Using the Legend and Map Layers:
Below is an example of a map legend. You can turn layers on and off by placing a check in the checkbox. By clicking on the "i" you will receive information about that map layer.


Image of available layers

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