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Monthly bulletins archive (PDF format)

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January New Technology Research Equipment Committee (PDF) Solar Culvert Heat System Falls Experimental Plow Grout Pump MOR Tailgate Shaker
February Monroe Tailgate Replacement Spreader (PDF) Winter Patching with EXP-202 High Sierra Crack Jet 2 Night Stick & Road Flare Tire Pressure Monitoring System
March Sonetics Wireless Headsets (PDF) Amber LED Fog Lights Front Mount Vicon Mower MOR - DI Road Widener Sign Height Laser
April Vapor Blaster (PDF) Barricade Trailer Ground Shark HI VIZ Chainsaw Chaps STEPP Asphalt Recycler Wet Cut System
May Concrete Cloth (PDF) Fluid Film RealCleen Hand Soap Snow Wing Accu-Pressure Safety Caps Limb Hog
June Ultra-Ever Dry (PDF) Tailgate Chip Spreader Guardrail Post Pounder Biennial Report Salt Away Wash Biennial Report
July Farewell to Ryan (PDF) Pro Ring Multiplaz 3500 G-Force Friction Tester Steel Shears  
August None Uretek Rhino Snot Highline Mower RCM 411 Hot Patch Heater
September Welcome to Mindy (PDF) Office of Maintenance YouTube site Falls Poly Plow Cone Zone BlockBuster Blades Brine System
October MDSS (PDF) Tweel Posi Shell 3 Point Boom Mower Aerator Project Polar Flex Blades
November Grapple for John Deere Backhoe (PDF) Elephant Armor Halo Lights Universal Plow Snow Pole Motor Grader Wedger
December Traffic Guard Alert System (PDF) LoadMaxx Truck Scale Portable Emulsions System PlowGuard STEPP Asphalt Tailgate Recycler Kuper Blades