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TRB 86th Annual Meeting, Monday, January 22, 2007


Session 236: Transportation Information Revolution: The World at Your Doorstep
Christi Powers, Library Connectivity Pooled Fund; Maggie Sacco, Library Connectivity Pooled Fund, presiding
Sponsored by Committee on Library and Information Science for Transportation




"Improving Information Accessibility"
CEO Perspective (P07-0806)
Douglas B. MacDonald, Washington State Department of Transportation


"Development of a National Geotechnical Data Management System for Transportation Applications"
Practitioner Perspective (P07-0041)
Kirk Beach, Ohio Department of Transportation


"Information Flow: Key to Traffic Engineering" 2007.ppt
Engineer Perspective (P07-0039)
John M. Corbin, Wisconsin Department of Transportation


"Making Information Accessible: Beyond the Internet"
Information Delivery Perspective (P07-0040)
Jerome C. Baldwin, Minnesota Department of Transportation


"Improving Access to Information Resources at Washington State DOT"
Research Manager Perspective (P07-0038)
Leni Oman, Washington State Department of Transportation




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