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Seeds Program

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Program History

MnDOT launched the Seeds Program in 1993 to help the workforce better reflect the communities MnDOT serves. Since then MnDOT has placed many successful program students into permanent, full-time positions.




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Seeds Program students participate in meetings and classes and network with industry professionals.

Seeds Program


MnDOT's Seeds Program provides
paid college-level student-worker positions to highly motivated minority or economically disadvantaged college students, students who are recently separated veterans and students with disabilities.


The program's design equips and trains students for potential permanent placement at MnDOT following graduation and successful performance in the program.


Growing our own talent

Seeds is not an acronym, but a concept -- the concept of growing our own talent at MnDOT.










As a participant in this program, you will gain firsthand knowledge and experience by working in the real world with professionals in a variety of fields. Day-to-day opportunities include participating in meetings and training classes, as well as networking with industry professionals in your chosen field of study.



Program Details






Students who are employed for six months or more may be eligible for the following:


Students are not eligible for health or dental insurance, pension or other benefits.


Qualifications and Application Information