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Phoenix Program

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In an effort to be proactive about the recruiting, training and hiring of dynamic professionals into our organization, MnDOT joined forces in 2005 with Project Lead The Way to provide paid internship opportunities for high school students enrolled at area PLTW high schools. By investing in students through on-the-job training, we are helping to ensure highly skilled, well-prepared candidates for future positions within our organization.


Phoenix Program
One-year Student Job/Paid Internship for qualified high school students

The Phoenix Program is a partnership between MnDOT and Project Lead The Way which provides student jobs and paid internships for high school students enrolled in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics courses at area PLTW high schools. By working at various MnDOT offices and districts statewide, Phoenix Program students gain on-the-job work experience in a variety of areas.



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Apply today using the Phoenix Program Application Form (Word 4 pp) - NOTE: we are no longer accepting applications for 2014