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Seeds Program Economically Disadvantaged Student Criteria

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Seeds Program Economically Disadvantaged Student Criteria


To qualify as an Economically Disadvantaged Student you must certify that you meet the following criteria:






As a self supporting student, you must further certify:


Current Lower Living Standard Income Level


  150% of Federal Poverty Guidelines, 2013
Family Size





Notes: Federal Poverty Guidelines: 2013 Federal Poverty Guideline (FPG) annual income levels are published in the Federal Register of January 24, 2013, Volume 78, Number 16, on pages 5182 - 5183.


Percentage Calculations: Annual income levels provide for 125%-250% of FPG are derived by multiplying the FPG annual income for each family size by the appropriate percentage and rounding to the nearest whole dollar. Monthly income levels for FPG and 125%-250% of FPG are derived by dividing each annual income level by 12 and rounding to the nearest whole dollar.



How to apply


If you meet the above criteria, please first apply for the Seeds Program on Minnesota State Jobs site. Check these applications tips to set up an account and apply.


After you have submitted your application on the State Jobs website, you will need to do the following:


Fax or mail the appropriate federal tax returns and a cover page indicating whether you are applying under the family or self-supporting student criteria to:


Seeds Program Manager
MnDOT Human Resources Office
MS 200
395 John Ireland Boulevard
St Paul, MN 55155


Fax: 651-366-3401


To request this information in an alternative format, call 651-366-4718 or 1-800-657-3774 (Greater Minnesota); 711 or 1-800-627-3529 (Minnesota Relay). You may also send an email to Please request at least one week in advance.