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Graduate Engineer and Land Surveyor Trainee Program

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Applicants must possess a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering or Land Surveying from an accredited university (other majors may be considered depending on the department's needs).


Applicants are evaluated on a point system


Points are earned for:


The more points you have, the more likely you are to get an interview.




Military veterans information

The State of Minnesota Jobs site holds a wealth of information for military veterans interested in state jobs.



Graduate Engineer and Land Surveyor Trainee Program
A training and development opportunity for graduate engineers and land surveyors


The Graduate Engineer and Land Surveyor Trainee Program is designed to provide engineering and land surveying graduates with practical work experience through formal job rotations within various engineering and land surveying sections at MnDOT.

"Big Picture" experience

As a trainee in these programs, you will have the opportunity to expand your technical, managerial and human relations skills through on-the-job training and face time with industry professionals. By doing so, you will gain the “big picture” of MnDOT's organization, goals, policies and personnel.


Get a broad understanding of MnDOT

While on rotation, you will participate in a variety of professional, managerial and technical training opportunities.Your rotations will give you a broad understanding of MnDOT's operations and the customers we serve.


You will have an adviser and a mentor (a current MnDOT engineer or land surveyor) to help you make the most of your rotations. This experience will help you make better decisions as you move toward a permanent position with MnDOT.





Professional development

The time you spend on the program will count towards your Professional Engineer or Professional Land Surveyor License. MnDOT is committed to their employee's development; the department requires people hired into this career path to obtain their PE or PLS License within six years of starting this program.


In addition to this, trainees are expected to participate in non-traditional employment development events such as attendance at engineering career fairs and presentations as well as other opportunities that become available throughout the year.


Salary and benefits information


Pay rates are between $18.50 - $26.25 hourly. Your salary within that range will depend on your prior experience and qualifications.


A general summary of benefits is listed on the state jobs site.



Do you see yourself in a job like this?


The Graduate Engineer and Land Surveyor Trainee Program recruits and hires on an as needed basis, but typically applications are accepted in the fall and spring each year.


You may want to review some tips and guidelines on how to apply and set up search agents.


Go to the State of Minnesota jobs site to search for Graduate Engineer or Graduate Land Surveyor. You can apply only if the program is open for application.


Then just follow these steps to apply: