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Seeds Program Application Tips

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TIP: To apply for a Seeds Program job, you will need a resume.You may already have one or you can create one on the State Jobs website.


TIP: Be sure to review the “minimum qualifications” to be considered a qualified applicant. Review these so that you can clearly show how YOU are qualified for the position.


TIP: Describe your skills in detail, as they relate to actual experiences you’ve had, rather than making a long list of skill words.


TIP: Remember to write down your User ID and Password for future reference.

Applying for a MnDOT Seeds Program job


Seeds is a college level career track program for minority students, students who are recently separated veterans*, economically disadvantaged students and students with disabilities.


*A recently separated veteran is defined as a veteran who has served in active military duty, on or after Sept. 11, 2001, and has been honorably discharged as shown on their DD214.


How to get started

Go to the State of Minnesota jobs site to begin your application process. Here you can create an online resume, apply for open positions, set up job search agents to email you about new job opportunities and manage your account. Just follow the steps below.


Create an account

You will need to set up an account on the State of Minnesota jobs site to get the ball rolling.


Develop and post your resume

Check out the resume writing tips and sample resumes available on the State Job site before you begin to ensure you have all the necessary information at hand. We strongly encourage you to use the online Resume Builder to create and submit your resume and application. However, if you prefer you may submit a paper copy resume and application by mail.


Search and apply for a job

To apply for a Seeds Program position, go to the job search page of the State of Minnesota Jobs site. Enter the words Seeds Student Worker in the "Keyword Search and then choose the Minnesota Department of Transportation in the department "drop down" list. You also can choose to view other openings that meet your needs.


Economically disadvantaged

If you wish to apply under the economically disadvantaged criteria of the Seeds Program, in addition to the above steps, please review the criteria and information outlined on the Seeds Program Economically Disadvantaged Student Criteria page.