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Projects 2001-2005

Project Description
511 and 511mn.org

511 helps commuters and travelers access information regarding weather-related road conditions, construction and congestion, via the phone and internet – 24/7.

CVISN Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks

The CVISN project enhanced commercial vehicle operations in Minnesota by creating open electronic data interchange standards and interfaces.

HRI Highway Rail Intersection
The HRI project focused on deploying a lower cost alternative to traditional rail crossing warning systems.
ITS Scoping Studies in MnDOT Districts 2, 3A, 4, and 8

Scoping studies were completed in Mn/DOT District 2 (Bemidji), District 3A (Baxter), District 4 (Detroit Lakes), and District 8 (Marshall) to identify each region's transportation needs and recommend viable ITS solutions that are relevant and effective for rural areas.

IDS Intersection Decision Support

The Intersection Decision Support project researched infrastructure based solutions to crash problems at intersections.

IVI Intelligent Vehicle Initiative - Highway 7 Field Operational Test

The project refined and integrated many of the technologies tested on Highway 101 and Highway 19. The Highway 7 system provided lateral guidance and collision warnings to drivers of snowplows, ambulances and State Patrol squad vehicles.

IVI Intelligent Vehicle Initiative - Highway 19

The objective of this project was to demonstrate magnetic and radar technologies in assisting snowplow operators to "see" road boundaries and obstacles in extremely low visibility conditions.

Minnesota ITS Architecture The architecture defines the functions that could be performed to satisfy user requirements and how the various elements of the system might connect to share information. It also defines the framework around which multiple design approaches can be developed. 
Minnesota ITS Standards Migration Project

This project developed a path for Minnesota's ITS activities to follow in order to migrate towards statewide use of ITS Standards

Moorhead Area Integrated Train Detection and Traffic Control System

This project focused on developing a system to track train movements through the Fargo-Moorhead area and use this information to reduce motorist delay and improve emergency vehicle response.

NIT2 Non-Intrusive Traffic Detection

Evaluation of Non-Intrusive Technologies for Traffic Detection.

PNITDS Portable Non-Intrusive Traffic Detection System

The “Portable Non-Intrusive Traffic Detection System” (PNITDS) provided an alternative to conventional methods by allowing agencies to collect data in high-traffic locations without compromising traffic flow or personnel safety.

TOCC Transportation Operations Communication Centers

Establishment of nine TOCC's to integrate statewide communication and transportation operations network serving rural and the smaller urban areas outside the Twin Cities metro area.

Traveler Information by Phone

This project combined Mn/DOT’s toll free road condition service with enhancements from a pilot cellular phone service - #SAFE - to provide broader traveler information by phone statewide.

Traveler Information on Cable Access Television

This project was designed to test the delivery of deliver pertinent road information to the public using graphic displays of road condition maps on cable access television.

Traveler Information on the Internet - TripUSA

A precursor to 511mn.org, TripUSA was an internet based road and weather traveler information source.

Truck Priority

The focus of this study was to determine if there was a safe and cost effective way to grant trucks priority treatment at specified intersections.