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360 Degree Radar Information System

Project Description

The goal of this project is to perform traffic data collection activities using a 360 Degree Radar Information System, test the accuracy of the system, and provide a detailed summary of traffic data and driver behavior at the selected field site located on I-94 east of the Lowry Hill Tunnel near the I-35W overpass.  The system will utilize a 360 degree radar unit provided by Navtech Radar (circled in picture below) to gather real-time traffic data from the freeway site and software installed at the MnDOT RTMC (also pictured below) will detect traffic incidents based on analysis of the traffic data collected.  The AECOM Team is responsible for deployment of the system, data collection, monitoring and reporting.

Project Benefits

  • Performs a radar scan of all objects within a 360 degree radius of the unit, 4 times per second
  • Provide data for use in potential crash reconstruction in the project area if needed
  • Provide for automatic incident detection through alerts generated by the system software
  • Can improve incident detection and allow for faster emergency response

Project Documents