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How often is 511 updated?


The 511 website is a useful tool that helps travelers stay up to date on current traffic flow information, including delays due to road construction or highway incidents. Winter driving conditions are updated twice daily or when road conditions change (improve or worsen), and we work to make it as accurate and as timely as we can. The winter driving reporting season runs from October–April.


For outstate Minnesota, our road crews call in the road conditions during the week in early a.m. and then again in p.m. (usually between 3 and 6) at the end of their shifts. There is another update again at about 9:30 p.m. In addition to these scheduled updates, conditions are updated when weather changes and plows are out. The Metro area has more coverage and more frequent updates.


Weekends are a little different and would be the only time the time stamp is not updated for 24 hours. We do not update 511 or have crews out unless conditions call for it, so if you do not see a recently updated time stamp, the conditions have not significantly changed.

City and county roads

The 511 website only reflects conditions on state highways. Check with your local city or county for information on city and county roads.