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Why didn't I see plows on the road during the last storm?


MnDOT plow routes can be as long as 75 miles for one plow, so it's possible that you might not see a plow while they’re on the road due to the large area each plow is covering. Also, the plows could be heading in the same direction as your vehicle just a few minutes behind you. Be assured that during winter weather, the plows are on their routes.

Plow facts

MnDOT snow plow crews are out in advance of storms preparing the roads, and are plowing as soon as the snow starts and continue through the end of storms. We continue to monitor the road conditions, applying material as needed and clearing the roads.

Did you know?

  • MnDOT has over 800 plow trucks and plows nearly 12,000 miles of state highways and interstates in Minnesota.
  • The Twin Cities Metro area alone has 5,500 lane miles that MnDOT maintains.
  • Plow routes can be as long as 75 miles for one plow, so someone might not see a plow while they are out on the roads working.
  • When working, plows travel about 30 mph.

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