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Concrete conveyor system

Watch for a new concrete conveyor system making its Minnesota debut on I-94 near Brockton Lane in Maple Grove in 2021. This innovative piece of equipment will make travel safer and smoother for motorists and road construction crews, and help make the project more efficient. You can expect:

  • Less interruption. The trucks hauling concrete can remain in the construction zone, stay off highways, and will not have to mix with traffic. This allows crews to widen the highway without needing to close traffic lanes to facilitate the entering and exiting of 350 concrete trucks each day.
  • Safer roads. The concrete conveyor system greatly improves the safety for construction crews because they can avoid merging into highway traffic. It also increases safety for motorists because it lessens the amount of lane restrictions and reduces traffic impacts.
  • Greener. The conveyor replaces thousands of truck trips, reducing emissions from trucks hauling concrete through highway traffic.
  • Shorter construction time. Ultimately, this saves time so MnDOT can complete the project faster.

How does the system work?

Concrete is mixed up, poured onto the conveyor system, and then transported on an 85-foot long and 16-foot wide conveyor belt that travels 18 feet up and over the roadway. The concrete then pours off of the belt on the other side of the road, filling up one truck at a time. The conveyor will replace approximately 6,000 truck trips over the course of the summer.