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Interstate 35W Bridge - Municipal Consent
Mississippi River Crossing in downtown Minneapolis

Rendering of the new I-35W St. Anthony Falls Bridge
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The Municipal Consent Process

On Oct. 5, 2007, The Minneapolis City Council and Mayor R.T. Rybak approved a resolution that grants approval of the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s proposed layout for a new I-35W Bridge across the Mississippi River. City of Minneapolis Web site

Municipal approval is required for trunk highway projects within municipalities, as outlined in Minnesota's Municipal Consent Law (Minnesota Statutes 161.162 – 161.167), when they:

  • alter access
  • increase or reduce traffic capacity
  • require acquisition of permanent right-of-way

The I-35W/ Bridge over the Mississippi River reconstruction project meets the legal definition to require municipal approval from the City of Minneapolis

The final project layout and supporting documentation were submitted to the City of Minneapolis for municipal approval on Aug. 21, 2007. 

In accordance with the Municipal Consent Law, the municipalities are responsible for conducting public hearings within 60 days of receipt of the final layout, after which they have 90 days to consider approval of the project layout.  The City of Minneapolis held a public hearing on Sept. 20, 2007.

Information from Sept. 20 Hearing

Municipal Consent Process

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