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Interstate 35W Bridge - Contractor Selection
Mississippi River Crossing in downtown Minneapolis

Rendering of the new I-35W St. Anthony Falls Bridge
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How was the winning team selected?

The I-35W St. Anthony Falls Bridge replacement project is a design-build project.
Power Point presentation outlining process (176kb PDF, 13 pages)

Summary of the process

Aug. 1, 2007: Bridge collapsed

Aug. 4: Mn/DOT issued Request for Qualifications The RFQ described the design concept, selection process and need for experienced design-build teams. Five teams pre-qualified - four submitted proposals.

Public involvement process begins

Aug. 23: Request for Proposals released, providing detailed instructions and information

Project goals (49kb PDF, 1 page)

Sept. 14: Technical proposals were received

Sept. 14-17: Technical evaluation

Quality - 50 percent
Experience and authority of key individuals - 20 pts
Extent of quality control/quality assurance -10 pts
Safety - 10 pts
Measures to evaluate performance in construction - 10 pts
Aesthetics/Visual Quality - 20 percent
Visual enhancements to the structure - 10 pts
Involvement of the public after letting - 10 pts
Enhancements -15 percent
Roadway enhancements 10 pts
Structural enhancements - 5 pts
Public Outreach/Involvement - 15 percent
Impacts to the public
Approach to communications

Design-build team proposals


Design-build team evaluations

Technical review score sheets

Structural enhancements (609kb PDF, 18 pages)


C.S. McCrossan


Walsh Construction/American Bridge

Sept. 18: Financial proposals received

Sept. 19: Project letting

Oct 5: City of Minneapolis approved a resolution that grants approval of the Mn/DOT's proposed layout. Municipal Consent Process

Oct. 8:

Project award to Flatiron/Manson

Additional information about the award and Flatiron included in the Oct. 8 press kit

Oct. 23, 2008


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