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Transportation Associates and Generalists MnDOT Math and Reading Test Information


You applied for a Transportation Associate or Transportation Generalist position with the Minnesota Department of Transportation and you meet the minimum qualifications for a position. However, to become fully eligible you need to pass computerized math and reading tests.

Schedule a test

Schedule an appointment at a Minnesota WorkForce Center to take the WorkKeys-MnDOT test, which is MnDOT’s computerized math and reading assessment. See available locations.

  1. Choose a time to take the 55-minute math assessment. If you pass, you may then immediately take the 55-minute reading assessment. You will only be allowed to take this reading assessment, however, once you have passed the math assessment.
  2. Request a free practice test from the WorkForce Center Representative - KeyTrain.

To qualify for a position, you must pass both tests. You can re-test up to three times per month (as appointments are available).

Prepare for the WorkKeys-MnDOT test

You are encouraged to spend some time preparing for these computerized tests. We recommend using practice tests to build your skills. As you progress through the levels, you increase your chances of passing future tests. Also, try some other resources such as practice tests and preparation courses.

Test levels range from Level 3 to Level 7.

MnDOT Function Area for Transportation Generalist (TG) WorkKeys - MnDOT Reading for Information Test Passing Score WorkKeys - MnDOT Applied Math Test Passing Score
Roadside / Road Surface Maintenance 4 3
Contract Administration 5 5
Design 5 5
Traffic Engineering 4 4

Test Taking Tips

The WorkKeys website offers information on test-taking tips and suggestions.

Test Scores

Once you pass both tests, your scores are good for five years.

Interview preparation

If we call you for an interview, consider reviewing these interviewing tips before you participate.