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Transportation Specialist Series Interview Tips

Transportation Specialist Series hourly wage ranges


Transportation Associate:
$15.99 - $16.49/hour; $33,387 - $34,431/year


Transportation Associates work as trainees who perform skilled roadway surface and roadside maintenance activities.


Transportation Generalist:
$17.11 - $21.51/hour;
$35, 726 - $44,913/year


Entry level technical and skilled work involving transportation design, construction and maintenance activities.


Transportation Generalist Senior:

$18.45 - $23.90/hour; $38,524 - $49,903/year


Intermediate level technical and skilled work, and/or lead work.


Transportation Specialist:
$19.49 - $26.64/hour; $40,695 - $55,624/year


Senior level technical and/or specialized work.





Keeping Minnesota’s roadways safe requires a highly trained and motivated workforce.

Whether it’s plowing snow, repairing guard rail, filling potholes, paving roads, inspecting bridges or repairing and maintaining roads in other ways, MnDOT’s Transportation Specialists work to keep roads safe for their fellow Minnesotans.







Interviewing Tips


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