Historic Bridges in Minnesota


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State-owned bridges

MnDOT has committed to preserving select bridges owned by the state. In addition to federal and state preservation laws that require full consideration of preservation, MnDOT has gone beyond these laws to commit to the public that these iconic structures will receive a higher level of maintenance and more rehabilitation work to ensure they remain in use and continue to serve the public for as long as possible.


Three of the bridges below have been or will soon be transferred to other agencies. After rehabilitation is completed, Bridges 5721 and 5388 will be relocated and transferred to the DNR for use as a pedestrian/bicycle/equestrian trail. Bridge 5721 has been placed on the Gateway Trail over Manning Avenue in Washington County, and Bridge 5388 will serve as the entrance to the Lake Louise State Park in Mower County. Bridge 4175 (currently being rehabilitated) will be transferred to Scott County for continued use as a pedestrian facility.



Anoka: Bridge 4380 on US Hwy 169 over the Mississippi River

Crow Wing: Bridge 5265 on US Hwy 169 over a dry stream

Dakota: Bridge 4190 on State Hwy 55 over the Minnesota River

Fillmore: Bridge 5722 on US Hwy 63 over the Spring Valley Creek

Hennepin: Bridge 2440 on State Hwy 65 over the Mississippi

Hennepin: Bridge 27004 Stone Arch Pedestrian Bridge over the Mississippi

Houston: Bridge 6679 on State Hwy 76 over the Root River

Koochiching: Bridge 5721 on State Hwy 65 over the Little Fork River

Lake: Bridge 3589 on State Hwy 61 over the Stewart River

Lake of the Woods: Bridge 5557 on State Hwy 11 over the Rapid River

Le Sueur: Bridge 4930 on State Hwy 99 over the Minnesota River

Lyon: Bridge 5083 on State Hwy 19 over the Redwood River

Lyon: Bridge 5151 on State Hwy 19 over the Redwood River

Meeker: Bridge 5388 in State Hwy 24 over the North Fork of the Crow River

Mille Lacs: Bridge 3355 on US Hwy 169 over White Fish Creek

Morrison: Bridge 4969 on State Hwy 115 over the Mississippi River

Pine: Bridge 5718 on State Hwy 123 over the Kettle River and stream

Polk: Bridge 4700 on US Hwy 2B over the Red River

Ramsey: Bridge 9036 on US Hwy 952A, Robert Street, over the Mississippi

Rice: Bridge 8096 on State Hwy 19 over Spring Creek

Rice: Bridge 5370 on Hwy 60 over the Straight River

St. Louis: Bridge 5772 on State Hwy 61 over the Lester River

Scott: Bridge 4175 on US Hwy 169 over Levee Drive

Wabasha: Bridge 5827 on County Road 60 over a stream

Washington: Bridge 4654 on Hwy 36 over the St. Croix River

Other historic bridges in Minnesota

Beltrami: Bridge 2366 on 1st Street over the Mississippi River

Blue Earth: Bridge L5659 on Township Road 96 over Big Cobb River

Blue Earth: Bridge L5665 on Township Road 167 over Le Sueur River

Fillmore: Bridge L4770 on Township Road 213 over Mahoney Creek

Goodhue: Bridge L5391 on 3rd Street over Cannon River

Goodhue: Bridge 12 on Township Road 43 over Bullard Creek

Hennepin: Bridge 2796 on 10th Avenue over the Mississippi

Hennepin: Bridge L9328 on William Berry Drive over railroad tracks

Hennepin: Bridge L9329 on Lake Harriet Blvd over railroad tracks

Houston: Bridge L4013 on Township Road 126 over dry stream bed

Pipestone: Bridge 5744 on County Road 54 over Split Rock Creek

Ramsey: Bridge 3575 on Ford Parkway over the Mississippi

Ramsey: Bridge L5853 pedestrian bridge over streetcar right-of-way

Ramsey: Bridge L8803 on Wabasha Street near Terrace Park

Ramsey: Bridge 90386 on 7th Street over railroad tracks

Ramsey: Bridge 92247 on Lexington Ave over streetcar right-of-way

Rice: Bridge L2733 on Township Road 45 over Straight River

Rock: Bridge 1482 on Hwy 75 over Schoneman Park

Rock: Bridge L2162 on County Road 51 over unnamed stream

St. Louis: Bridge L6007 on Skyline Parkway over Stewart Creek

Scott: Bridge L3040 on County Road 51 over unnamed stream

Wabasha: Bridge 3219 on County Road 68 over Zumbro River

Wright: Bridge 92366 off County Hwy 19 over the Crow River