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Bridge 9103

Bridge 9103

John F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge
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History & significance

Constructed in 1960, Bridge 9103 carries U.S. Highway 63 over U.S. Highway 61/63 and a service drive in Goodhue County. The continuous concrete slab structure is a horizontally curved bridge with an exceptional structure length of 200 feet. The bridge is located in close proximity to downtown Red Wing and serves as an approach to the Eisenhower Bridge, which spans the Mississippi River at the Wisconsin state line. These site considerations were a factor during the design of the bridge, demonstrating the importance of showing harmony with the bridge's surroundings. As a result, the bridge displays artistic elements, such as an ornamental rail and curved form that illustrate the importance of design aesthetics.

Bridge 9103 is exceptionally long when compared to other continuous concrete slabs, illustrating a solution to a particular site challenge. The bridge is significant for exhibiting the combination of engineering features that demonstrates the complex design issues the engineers faced to meet the site challenges and road requirements for a bridge at this location.


City of Red Wing (Goodhue County)
Latitude, Longitude: 44.56824476, -92.53163959

Bridge features

Bridge 1903

Design and construction of a continuous concrete slab with a horizontal curve and exceeding span lengths for its type.

Bridge 9103
Overall aesthetic treatment including ornamental rail and curved form.