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Bridge 2628

Bridge 2628

Bridge 2628
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History & significance

Bridge 2628 is a single-span, cast-in-place, concrete through girder structure constructed in 1917. It carries Township Road 187 over Okabena Creek in Alba Township in west-central Jackson County. The State of Minnesota's specifications for concrete girder highway crossings set the maximum span length at 60 feet, and several through girder bridges were built at this outer limit. Of these, Bridge 2628 is the only surviving example with a 60-foot main span length, and it is significant for this reason. Bridge 2628 displays monolithic construction where the concrete deck is carried by floor beams extending between the two girders, which also serve as the parapet railings.


Alba Township (Jackson County)
Latitude, Longitude: 43.70787019, -95.39542461

Bridge features

Bridge 2628

The monolithic through girder and floor-beam
design, executed in reinforced concrete.