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Hwy 61 Hastings Bridge


hastings bridge

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
I-494 Ramp Closures
Speakers and raised arrows on APS signals provide information about the intersection to pedestrians with hearing and visual impairment.

All MnDOT projects - both new construction and rehabilitation projects - must include evaluation to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Components can include, but are not limited to adding curb cuts, truncated domes and accessible pedestrian signals. Read about MnDOT's transition plan to comply with the ADA.

Specifics for this project

  • Accessible Pedestrian Signals installed at 4th Street and Hwy 61
  • Installing curb cuts and truncated domes at intersections as required
  • A 12-foot-wide common use pedestrian/bike path from 4th Street to the North Loop
  • Pedestrian and bicycle accommodations for the existing Mississippi River Trail and proposed Point Douglas Trail which will meet current Mn/DOT design recommendations and ADA standards
  • A new North Loop contributes to safety by eliminating an at-grade, high-speed median crossover from northbound Hwy 61 into local businesses; it also will allow southbound pedestrians safe access to the local trail system

Cyclists and pedestrians

Pedestrians and cyclists travelling on the city trail through downtown Hastings will be detoured along Second Street between Ramsey Street and Lock and Dam Road. The detour is to remain in place until further notice and circumvents what is commonly known as the Hudson Building area. The sidewalk along the existing Hastings Bridge is closed at the north end of the bridge. 

Pedestrian travel on the new bridge is discouraged. There is no sidewalk and pedestrians and bicyclists are not protected from the adjacent traffic. The lanes do not meet the current minimum width for ADA of four-feet wide with passing zones every 200 feet. The new sidewalk and other pedestrian facilities on the new Hwy 61 Hastings Bridge will comply with ADA standards and will  be open in late 2013.

Construction of future trail connections north of the bridge are not part of the new Hwy 61 Hastings Bridge project.